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People are the key to success!

CLM was built on the idea that engaged, educated, and empowered people are the best way to achieve your vision, uphold your mission, and continue to grow your business. 

CLM People provides a variety of services to continue that tradition. We customize each solution for your organizations specific mission, vision, and culture. 

Compliance, training, and strategies need to be reviewed and updated regularly. CLM People has solutions for your specific organization. Project work, membership with dedicated support time, and on-demand support are available to meet all your people needs. 

CLM People: About Me

CLM People

CLM People can partner with your organization in a variety of ways.
We offer partnerships to provide support unique for your culture, vision, and mission. Phased HR plans that create an entire People platform. In short, we provide you the tools to keep your team engaged, empowered, and educated.

Our phased options include a variety of services to set up your HR foundation ranging from employee handbook creation and updating to engagement programs. We focus on compliance, training, communication, culture, and more. Schedule a consult for our full list of services!

Our People Partnerships offer dedicated time each month to handle a variety of HR issues including employee questions, compliance concerns, investigation support and so much more! Partnerships allow an organization to have the feel of an in house HR team at a fraction of the cost. 

People Review

A one hour free review of your current HR platform focused on:

  • Current people strategies 

  • Current policies 

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Growth plans

Learn about your company and see how CLM Business Solutions can help you thrive!

HR Foundation

Create the basic HR platform that includes:

  • Employee Handbook

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee File Template

  • Basic HR training

  • Additional services based on your companies needs.

Succession/Organizational Strategy

Review of your current staff and organizational structure incorporating growth, succession planning and performance strategies.


Work with CLM People to create a sustainable, focused recruiting strategy and process. Support for postings, screening, interviews and candidate selection and onboarding.

Benefit Strategy

Review your current benefit program - traditional and non-traditional. Create a plan that will entice high performing talent and retain your amazing team. ​

CLM People works with a variety of traditional benefit options and creates non-traditional benefit plans that are unique to your culture. 


Education is one of the core values for the team at CLM Business Solutions. We offer a variety of training options - from web based learning, lunch n learns, to small group facilitated trainings. ​

We have trainings available for communication, leadership, safety, professionalism, and more. Just let us know which area you might need the support and we can even create a training specific to your company or industry.

Engagement Plans

Engaging your team is the key to education, empowerment, positive culture and achieving your mission and moving towards your vision.

CLM People works to create strategies that will help you engage your team, understand their needs, and evaluate and create plans to improve and adjust.

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People Partnerships

Need an HR department but don't have the office space or additional finances to have someone in house? CLM People offers partnerships that provide dedicated hours per month. We will be your HR team without the added office space! 

On call support, quick responses, ability to talk through individual scenarios - all supporting your vision and mission.

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Creating Culture

CLM People specializes in using all the HR tools available to create a culture that is unique to your company, encompasses your mission, and focuses on your vision. 

Culture is the key to profit, high productivity, happy employees and clients, and so much more. CLM People will help you define, plan, implement, and sustain a positive culture!

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CLM People: Price List
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