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CLM Business Solutions has the support you need.


CLM People

The Path to Success

CLM People is a full service people solution. People are the most valuable part of any organization. CLM People will help you engage, educate, and empower your team by setting up the right HR platform for your vision, mission, and culture. 

We offer a variety of services including: compliance (employee handbooks, personnel audits, etc.), training (leadership, communication, etc.), engagement (team building, recognition programs, etc.), and strategic planning (succession planning, performance planning, etc.). 

CLM Services: Services

CLM Office

A Comprehensive Approach

Let CLM Office be your project office guru! We have a dedicated team to keep you on time, prepared, and ready to wow your customers. 

CLM Office offers a variety of office support tasks including: presentations, research, document creation, audit support/creation/implentation, travel arrangements, event coordination, industry research, reporting and more.


CLM Talent

Expert Guidance

CLM Talent focuses getting the right people in the right career. We work with job seekers and clients needing recruiting strategies alike. 

CLM Talent offers a variety of resume building options, creation of cover letter, training for interviews, and support during the job search process. 

CLM Talent also works with organizations to help create recruiting strategies, job descriptions, resume review and interview training. 

CLM Safety

Be Ready!

CLM Safety is focused on helping business owners plan for environmental factors, active shooter, and continuity of operations. 

We offer workshops that prepare a business to handle situations that we hope never happen - volcano, flood, earthquake, active shooters or other undesirable actions. CLM Safety will help you create sustainable and specific plans to keep your team and clients safer.  


Have a service you don't see listed - ask us!
We work to create unique programs for each of our unique clients.


CLM Extras

Just that little bit more...

CLM Extras are here to help your experience with CLM Business Solutions to be just a bit more! 

CLM Extras can provide a variety of services - notary, referrals, coaching, and more. Need something - just let us know and we will do our best to either help or connect you!

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